Cleft Lip Symmetry Correction

Fee: €320

Cleft lip is is a congenital disorder, developed during foetal development. It is caused when the palate area fails to close and one or two fissures remain. It mostly affects the top lip but can also have an effect on the nose, resulting in disfigured nostrils. Corrective surgery is now done at an early age but there are many older patients who require symmetry to their top lip, which can be done by micro pigmentation. Using a number of different treatments, it is possible to give you a better, more natural looking shape to your lips. Treatments involve micro pigmentation and in some cases dry needling. By repositioning the illusion of the cupids bow to the centre of the lips, a dramatic change can be seen immediately after the procedure. This can be worked upon, creating full and shaped lips. Sometimes the scar above the lips needs to be worked first by needling. This action can flatten and soften the scar, making the creation of the cupids bow more successful. The initial Cleft Lip treatment takes up to an hour as does each follow up retouch session.