Areola/Nipple Tattoo

Breast reconstruction is a popular form of cosmetic surgery in todays society, not only for beauty requirements, but for medical purposes also. Such a procedure can leave an areola/nipple missing or at least damaged in some way. Over a series of sessions, areola/nipple complex (NAC) tattooing can add layers of colour and redefine a shape. If the area is Bi Lateral I will take into account skin tone to provide you with the most natural colour possible. For Uni Lateral patients I will simply choose the closest colour match. I can also provide a 3-D nipple tattoo if the nipple is missing or lacking. This gives the illusion of protrusion. Breast reconstruction can also leave scars. Although they will fade over time, dry needling the scar can sometimes speed up this process. Some clients request colouration to create a stronger, larger or reshaped areola for cosmetic purposes. I can help with darkening or resizing.