Top Facts About Lip Fillers For Men

Recent research found that dermal fillers are one of the top procedures in facial aesthetics. They want to know certain facts about lip fillers for men because there is little info on this area of aesthetics compared to information on treatments for women.

In this blog post, you will get some useful information about dermal and lip fillers – especially for men.

What is the major difference in dermal lip fillers for men and women?

There is only a major difference between lip fillers for men and women. That is the subtlety of this lip filler. Men generally don’t want to highlight the lip volume, unlike women. Their main aim is to reshape the outline of their lips.

Consultation for dermal lip fillers is free and by appointment only at DermArt Aesthetics

With proper consultation, you can discuss objectives, expectations, right treatment options and possible outcomes.

Why do men or everyone in general often choose dermal lip fillers?

Over time, lips lose shape and outline. It’s the part of ageing as collagen decreases when we grow old. In fact, as we hit the 20s, collagen drops 1-2% every year. Because of this, fine lines and wrinkles start to appear first on our faces. 

Later on, the facial skin starts to loosen up and sag. That’s when problems like lips losing their fine shape and outline occur. They might start appearing thin and droopy. So, customers choose dermal lip fillers for men or anyone to get their back in shape. 

How can DermArt Aesthetics help men execute the process of dermal lip fillers flawlessly?

• Restore lip size

The top and lower lips can have different sizes because of ageing factors and the loss of collagen. This is already pointed out above. So, at DermArt Aesthetics we can help men restore their lip size.

These dermal lip fillers for men help reshape the lip and restore the original shape and volume.

• Restore lip border and shape

Men can get their cupid’s bow and philtrum into better shape with lip fillers at DermArt Aesthetics. Ask about the shape, size, and pattern you would like to achieve at your consultation appointment.

• Get back the right lip proportion

DermArt Aesthetics helps you get back the youthful look and feel. In Caucasian patients, the lip proportion is mostly 1:1.68. Whereas for Polynesian or/and Asian patients, this ratio is 1:1.

These ratios help you look more natural and keep proportion to the face.

• Rejuvenation for perioral area

Perioral is the area around your lips. Often, injectors forget the area supporting the lip. As a result, it gets limited attention. It is equally important to observe and possibly treat the entire mouth for optimal , balanced results.

With age, this perioral area loses tissue and bone. It becomes hollow as the atrophy of the soft tissue takes place. This is why lip fillers for men should not only focus on the lips.

Instead, the perioral area can also be rejuvenated. At DermArt Aesthetics this can be discussed at your consultation.

How long does this procedure take?

 lip fillers for men takes about 40 minutes. Numbing agent is applied to the lips 15-20 minutes prior to the procedure for maximum comfort.

How long do lip fillers for men last?

The results from this procedure last about 3-9 months, depending on each individual body.

The best results are achieved by researching and carefully selecting your injector. Making sure they are well trained, qualified, experienced and insured, all of which apply at DermArt Aesthetics.

Kristen Carroll is one such specialist for dermal lip fillers here. Practicing a range of facial aesthetics since 2017 with a background in dentistry since 1991.
Kristen and her team ensure safe practice in a professional environment, delivering results that last as long as possible.

What are the side effects to be cautious about after lip filler for men procedures?

The lip fillers procedure is quite non-invasive for men or anyone else. These procedures have limited side effects. The most common of them all would be:

  • Swelling
  • Bruising
  • Discomfort for some days – initially. 


Dermal and lip filler clients should trust their practitioner to deliver optimal care before, during and after treatment. DermArt Aesthetics are contactable and available to their clients at all stages from consultation to aftercare.


The dermal lip fillers for men are not much different than those for women. Men generally don’t want to overdo any treatments that will feminise the face.

They don’t want plumper or fuller lips but more structured. The main purpose of this procedure for men is to redefine and realign the shape of their lips and the perioral area.

Whichever stage of your journey you are at, we at DermArt Aesthetics are always here to help you decide which type of treatments would best suit your individual wants and needs.

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