7 Common Cosmetic Tattoo Procedures Today’s Modern Men & Women Must Know & Read About

Over the last few years, the definition of beauty, appeal, and appearance has drastically changed. However, there is no limitation on how one woman wants to shape and redesign her body. 

It’s no longer an obligation for humans to tolerate and traumatise their bad body experiences of the past. Rather, with the common cosmetic tattoo procedures, women can find their beautiful realities again.

If you’re one such woman who wants to go through an aesthetic makeover, you have spotted the right blog post today. Read these typical and most favoured permanent tattoos available at tattoo clinics and parlours like DermArt Aesthetics

7 Common Cosmetic Tattoo Procedures For Modern Women To Read About Are:

1. Stretch Marks

Women often go through stretch marks in various stages of their lives around different areas of their bodies. This could be due to changes in hormonal and body (shape/size). There could be stretch marks on places like your thighs and belly when you lose body fat. 

They are most common during, and after pregnancy.

At DermArt Aesthetics we do not promote cosmetic tattoo procedures of stretch marks. Whilst these camouflage tattoos look good immediately after treatment and possibly far enough into the future, they do not age well due to the high titanium content in flesh coloured pigment. They also don’t change colour from sun exposure with the surrounding tissue. So overall, not a good look or long term solution.

2. Freckles

Freckle tattoo is another trend that has become very desirable due to exposure on social media by influencers and public celebrities. However, if you want to have freckle cosmetic tattooing procedures, it is best to consult the technician of choice first to discuss what could work on your face right now and what you must avoid according to your skin type and lifestyle.DermArt Aesthetics are always here to help.

We can recommend ways to start the freckle cosmetic tattoo process.

3. Lip Liner/Lip Blush

Lip Liner or blush is the most common cosmetic tattoo procedure. It’s been used, practiced, and mastered for years and decades in this country and around the globe.Modern technology and tools make the process mostly pain-free with low-risk factors. 

 There are many options to get the right colour for you, using different shades which can be used alone or blended. Lip Liner and/or blush procedures are used mainly to enhance pale lips but are an excellent solution to lost lip borders due to age or injury and restoration of cleft lip.

4. Eye Liner

Many modern women combine their eyebrow and eyeliner cosmetic tattoo treatments for maximum impact. It will boost your confidence and save so much time in the morning beauty regime.

At DermArt Aesthetics we provide subtle lash enhancement eyeliner tattoos. This style looks good on every face and unlike “winged” or “Latino” eyeliner, it will not age the eyes with time.

5. Beauty Marks

Beauty marks are like the cousins of freckles.

Strategically placed on the lip (think Cindy Crawford) cheek (Dita Von Tease) or breast (Selena Gomez), they are fun and seen as a true mark of beauty!

The main aim of any type of cosmetic tattoo is to make you happy both inside and out. At DermArt Aesthetics, we provide you with the best treatments. We want you to feel happy, satisfied, and joyful about your body. 

Our clinic will discuss these factors with you at consultation.

6. Eyebrows

The eyebrow tattooing trend has changed the way women do their eyebrow makeup. It creates or defines the shape and enhances effectively saving time and money. The eyebrow tattooing process is fast, easy, and trusted. 

7. Hair Line

Women have to go through multiple hormonal changes as they age. We have already mentioned that at the start of this blog. Due to these changes, also during pregnancy, women often have increased hair loss.

Their hair line at the front starts looking sparse and thin. As a result, some women often lose their confidence and start feeling insecure about their appearance.

Hairline tattooing is available for women dissatisfied with their current hairline shape or look. Hairline tattoo processes were common amongst men previously but now, women too are taking advantage of this procedure with great success.

This is not a service we provide at DermArt Aesthetics however, a quick Google search will find suitable technicians near you. 


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