Everything About 3D Nipple Tattoos& Breast Reconstruction For Breast Cancer Survivors

There are more than 3.8 million breast cancer survivors in Ireland, UK and the USA. Surviving breast cancer for a woman can be an ugly phase of her life. Chances are there are some women in your circle who will have it or have already gone through it. 

Breast cancer leaves women with scars, both physical and mental. It can make them think they are not beautiful or feminine enough. But that’s not the reality.  3D nipple tattoos have given women a shining light of hope after surviving breast cancer.

3D nipple tattoos are minimally invasive, pain-free and very safe when performed by a qualified micro-pigmentation technician specialising in medical tattooing.

What Is Nipple/Areola Tattooing?

The entire reconstruction process of nipples and areola for any person: women, men, or LGBTQIA+ people is an art. A doctor involved in this process will measure the breast, nipple, and areola size and construct a colourless nipple mound.

Whereas, the 3D nipple tattoo artist would give final touches with extra care and design creating the appearance of a nipple. 

In other words, areola tattooing is the best artistic solution for survivors after their medical treatment or scarring.

The 3D nipple and areola artist gives a fine shape and size to the nipple and areola area.

Often, certified nipple tattoo artists like Kristen at DermArt Aesthetics use tattoo guns for permanent pigmentation on the colourless mound created by the surgeon. Another use of shading in the process where there is no mound gives the nipple tattoo a 3D effect. 

How Is 3D Nipple Tattooing Different Than Nipple Reconstruction Procedure Technically?

Nipple and areola reconstruction is a surgical process compared to the non-invasive 3D nipple tattoo. Nipple reconstruction steps are often overwhelming and intimidating for cancer patients or survivors. They have already gone through enough with mastectomy. 

So, the option of surgery can be daunting and not so favourable to those survivors. 

Nipple reconstruction involves using skin grafts or folding breast skin to give a shape to the new nipple. The process is outpatient but quite invasive and more costly when compared to 3D tattoos for nipples or areola.

Benefits Of 3D Nipple Tattoos:

No more trauma:

Women, men, and transgender people no longer have to undergo extensive surgical processes. 

Therefore, the trauma declines, which they go through after mastectomy. 3D areola and nipple tattoos are a definite and realistic option available at DermArt Aesthetics.

More confidence:

One of the greatest benefits of the 3D areola and nipple tattooing technique is gaining confidence.

Survivors feel that their bodies are “normal” again and can stand in front of the mirror and admire themselves as they are. 

Plus, the 3D nipple tattoos can hide scarring left by breast cancer surgery.

With the increase in confidence in their bodies, they can experience life as normal as it should be. 

Non-invasive and not painful:

3D nipple tattoos are not painful or invasive as are breast reconstruction surgeries. So, mastectomy survivors don’t need to worry about pain again. 

You can get in touch with DermArt Aesthetics anytime for free consultation to talk through your options and alleviate any fears or apprehension you may have around the procedure.

Refresh or redo an already existing tattoo:

Many patients have got 3D nipple and areola tattoos already. But they are not satisfied with the markings or the colouring, or maybe they have just faded out.

That’s fine.  DermArt Aesthetics can sometimes help you with this. The nipple tattoo experts here know their skill for redefining, reshaping, and recolouring the tattoo. 

Not Costly:

Although this treatment is not covered by health insurance in Ireland, most people find it very affordable.

For a quote and price of the 3D nipple tattooing process, please contact DermArt Aesthetics as each case has different needs. 

The prices offered are mostly competitive and affordable for cancer survivors. 

Knowledge On Everything About 3D Nipple Tattoos Procedure:

The 3D nipple and areola process is easy from start to end for cancer survivors. 

Get a consultation first:

There are very few restrictions on getting a tattoo done on your breast or nipple after surviving breast cancer. But it’s best to get a consultation and letter of clearance from your oncologist first.

Get a consultation with the tattoo artist:

Reach out to DermArt Aesthetics or whichever artist you choose (after doing your research)

Bring along any questions you have about them or the treatment itself.

You can share your choice or preferences too in this consultation session.

Also, it’s the artist’s job to design the best match possible of your nipple or areola to your skin but the final result is best achieved by working together in cour and size selection.

During consultation, you should also discuss the overall pricing of the tattoo. Ask questions like:

  • How many sittings would be required?
  • Are there any after-tattoo services or care procedures the patients need to follow?
  • What are the minimum or maximum risks involved?
  • What is the price to modify it in the future?
  • How long are the appointments?


Everything about 3D nipple tattoos processes is fascinating, artistic, and medical. In addition, it heals, provides more confidence, and is comparatively safe.

The healing and aftercare of the nipple tattoo take 10 to 15 days. The pigmentation fades in time to give natural colour and realistic results.

You can contact DermArt Aesthetics today for more information or book your free consultation.