Lip Tattoo

Permanent makeup procedures are gaining popularity around the world. Semi-permanent lip tattoo is one of them. This tattoo services is an attractive replacement for fillers and are considerably safer at DermArt Aesthetics

You may wonder what exactly is a cosmetic lip tattoo and how does it work. For someone who’s never had it before, you probably have some questions. The guide below will explain everything about having lip tattoo done. 

How Is Lip Tattooing Different Than Traditional Tattoo Art?

Lip tattooing, also called lip blushing, is a semi-permanent treatment. It involves pigmentation of the lips using medical grade, iron oxide pigments  rather than traditional tattoo ink.

Kristen Carroll at DermArt Aesthetics can help you with colour selection by using your natural skin tone as a guide and multiple techniques to get the best shade result.

The lip tattoo healing process usually completes within 6-10 days. Top up visit at 4-6 weeks after initial treatment. Colour retouch for maintenance to lip blushing is done after 2-3 years when the colouring wears off.

The chair sitting time on this cosmetic lip tattoo is about 60-90 minutes. At DermArt Aesthetics, pain is managed by using numbing creams which make for comfortable treatments.

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How To Prepare And What To Expect From A Session Of Lip Tattooing At Dermart Aesthetics?

Before having lip tattoo, let’s dive into steps you can follow for a better experience. 


Have a proper consultation at DermArt Aesthetics first. Certified technicians like Kristen will require you to have a patch test and  check your lip shape and health prior to treatment. Questions will be asked on the history of tattooing or any other injectables like lip filler done before for clarification. 

You discuss the lip tattoo price too to finalise and plan your treatment date. You can research our testimonials available online to see how many clients we have treated before.


After cleaning the lip and face, the technician will apply numbing cream, which starts working in about 20 minutes. During this time you will be asked to fill in an in depth medical history and consent form. Once numb, the technician will draw an outline on the lip. This will highlight how the lip would look once the tattooing finishes. We will also do some colour selection at this stage, finding the perfect shade for you.

We will start pigmenting the lip according to the shade chosen in the preparation part. This pigmentation starts taking place in another 30-60 minutes. Once that is over, the licensed lip tattoo artist can provide you with full verbal and written aftercare instructions and arrange your ‘top up’ appointment. This is usually 6 weeks later

Post Session:

The lip tattoo healing process starts immediately after work stops .

You will feel slight dryness on your lips after around 5 days but it is important not to pick. A moisturiser will be given to use on lips to keep them hydrated after the treatment. It helps strengthen the healing process too. 

What Are The Common Risks Involved With Lip Tattoo Treatments?

Although lip blushing pigment is different to traditional tattooing ink, it’s still a tattoo procedure for your lips. That means it still has certain mild risks involved. These risks vary from person to person. Some people might have no risk, while others might have some reaction, cold sore outbreak, excessive swelling or slower healing process. 

1. Swelling

Needles used on your lips for cosmetic lip tattoos are not that intrusive. But they cause micro-injuries to your lips that can lead to swelling. Swelling is usually minimal and easily treated with a cold pack.

2. Scarring

Picking or biting your lips after the treatment can lead to scarring.

3. Infections

Infections can occur on your lips because of negligence in post-service care. Hugging animals, kissing or dusty environments like garden work are potential sources of bacteria. Acidic food like vinegar, citrus fruit and salt can cause pain. Therefore, you should be careful what to eat or drink until the lip tattoo healing process completes. 

4. Allergic reactions:

People with a history of skin irritation, skin reactions to different products and other similar cases are more susceptible to allergic reactions. A patch test will be done prior to treatment to eliminate potential reaction to products used

Benefits Of Lip Tattooing With Dermart Aesthetics

We understand the importance of using a clean, clear, sanitised environment and clinic. Each of our tools is sterilised properly or single use. We leave no scope of negligence as we deal with clients skin directly during aesthetics treatments or services like lip tattooing. 

Next, lip blushing services are highly desirable because they are not permanent. After 2-3 years, clients might want to change the lip shade because of ageing, preference, or some other reason.

Intensity of the lip pigmentations can be customised to your specification. We don’t just use one shade or pigmentation on every client. All of our treatments are bespoke.

The procedure is not only about pigmentation and making lips fuller. Lip tattoo is an amazing treatment to correct asymmetry in cleft lip/palate or disguise scarring through the lip. It can also just be a work of defining the lip line properly.

Last, but of course, never least, this semi-permanent lip tattoo service is an amazing alternative to having lip fillers. It can give the illusion of fuller, plumper more youthful lips without actually increasing tissue volume.

How Long Will The Healing Take Place Normally?

Lip tattoo healing, as explained above, takes about 6-10  days on the surface. During this process, excess colouring flakes off. There will be temporary darkening of lips but that is part of the healing process. So, clients should not worry.

It’s highly recommended to use only the aftercare moisturiser provided during the healing process.

Try not to use skin irritants during the healing process. Such items involve soap, scrubs, stones, or harsh face washes.

There can be minor differences in the results each person will achieve. At DermArt Aesthetics, we will inform you about it in advance at the consultation. So, you would know exactly what to expect when the lip tattoo healing process completes. 

Common FAQs On Semi-Permanent Lip Tattoo Service:

How will you decide the right shade or pigmentation for your lips?

We can study your natural skin tone and can provide you with a colour palette to choose from. It helps to bring along any lipstick or lipstains you already use.

Will my lips look bigger or fuller after doing a semi-permanent lip tattoo?

Yes. The lip blushing services provided at DermArt Aesthetics will define and shape your lips better. This will give the illusion of fuller lips 

Is there a chance that this lip tattoo job would have wrong results on your lips?

To avoid colour fade and patchy results it is important to take care of your lipspost-service by following aftercare instructions which will be given to you on the day.


Semi-permanent lip tattoo service is one of the most recommended and in-demand cosmetic treatments today. DermArt Aesthetics understands that demand and brings highly safe, sanitised, and sterilised treatments to clients at all times.